B2B marketplace – international b2b platform for trade agreements commerce

Full service marketplace, automated sourcing procedures, trade agreements compliance, supplier verification, freight booking, safe payment solutions, AI trade data analytics, virtual trade show.




BA and PM
2 Front-end, 3 back-end developers
Database architect
Art Director and Graphic Designer


8 months
24 sprints
2115 tasks

Created for hight load and UI friendly,developed for socially responsible and innovative companies by international trade experts to connect businesses globally and take advantage of pioneering trade agreements (including CETA, CUFTA, CPTPP).

What’s inside?

Automated sourcing procedures

Creating and receiving tenders, auction based on participants time zones, automatic bidding, requirements builder and members verification with AI.


An international platform for the sale / purchase of goods in the B2b segment, which makes it easy to find partners in different countries based on ratings and free trade agreements.

Sales office

A personal sales office for inventory management, integration, ordering and feedback and clever bidding system.

Compare Products

Matching goods on many indicators, including calculation of the cost of delivery and duties.

Knowledge base

Support and training, which will help not only understand the system, but also tell you what to do in different types of bidding.


Complete integration with systems such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress and Magento for products synchronization.