Managed projects

Implementation of projects on time, on budget, and full transparency during execution

We will take responsibility for all processes, from requirements management and project planning to development and testing. All you need to do is to provide high-level requirements and we will take care of everything else.

What we do

  • We are planning a project
  • Select the team according to requirements
  • Set up tasks, conduct meetings
  • Follow the quality at every stage
  • We test and test until it is ideal.

What you do

  • Provide the necessary materials
  • Communicating with the PM
  • Answering questions from developers
  • Enjoy the result

This model is best suited for those who have a clear vision of the final result of the developed project. And our managers and business analysts, using the most effective approaches, will help you to make the best use of time and resources for implementing the plans.

How it works

We use Scrum as a project management methodology. It ensures a clear and qualitative control over the processes and timing and helps to develop higher-quality software faster.

01Technical specs and planning
02Prototyping and design
03Software development
04QA, corrections and bug fixing
05Technical and marketing support

Technologies we use

Our principles of web-development

Over the years of our work, we have outlined the basic principles that allow us to do great products

You will have the access to the task manager and time tracking, where you can see how your project moves. You will be aware of each task, and whoever does it, the time spent on each task, and you can be sure that each subsequent sprint brings your project closer to successful completion.

How we can cooperate

Choose cooperation model depending on your web development project size and your business needs

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