Dedicated team

Сut down the costs by 50% and double development speed with dedicated team

We gather a dream team for your project: developers, designers, managers, and testers who ideally enter into your existing team and processes, and implement all your plans.

What we do

  • Search for talents for your project
  • Hunting and interviewing
  • Organization of the workplace
  • Training and improvement of the worker
  • Providing documents and reporting

What you do

  • Setting tasks (or entrusting to our PM)
  • Generating ideas and vision of the project
  • Determination of terms and priority
  • Save time and money
  • Get great results from cooperation

The dedicated team model is best suited for long-term projects and startups that want to expand their development team, or to form a remote development team with great specialists at a reasonable cost. At the same time, having the opportunity to set tasks for employees by you, have the opportunity to communicate, hold meetings, manage the timeliness and prioritize tasks.

How it works


Search for candidates or choose among the ones who have proven themselves well. Each of them goes through our 3-level interview, which is able to identify the best employees who will be interested in your project. You also have the opportunity to interview each of the candidates


Ready-made structure for the developers has been formed during our work: instructions, time tracking, bug and tasks trackers, business processes, and training programs for the development of each of them. Therefore, your employees will be trained, constantly developing and raise their level of qualification.


You communicate with the developers directly, assign them tasks, carry out meetings with them (audio and video), and set priorities, as if these employees are sitting with you in the office. Therefore, you can easily integrate each of them into your work structure.


Employees work for you full time, without distraction for other tasks. They are completely immersed in your business, its plans and values. This will allow you to build a close working relationship, and understand each other better.

What are the benefits of using dedicated teams?

Who can be hired

Back-end developers
PHP developers
GoLang developers
Python developers

Front-end developers
Javascript developers
AngularJS developers
ReactJS developers

CMS/CMF developers
Wordpress developers
Django developers
Laravel developers

UX/UI designers
QA Testers
Database specialist
AWS specialist

PM and Scrum Master can join your team for more efficiency

Why you should choose us

Every employee who will work in your project is specially trained, has good English, knows the principles of lean and scrum processes

The complete documentation, ready-made contracts, NDA, design and various employee benefits greatly simplify all organizational moments

Each employee has access to a training base and cases, where he can learn how to solve similar tasks and has the opportunity to consult with an experienced developers who are sitting next to him.

Expertness in recruiting employees for different types of projects, and ready-made base (that has been developed over the years) of selected developers ready to start your project right now.

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